PCM-7700-48 200A 25V Pulsed/QCW Laser Diode Driver Module

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25 V, 200 A Laser Diode Driver Module (Internal Power Supply)

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The PCM-7700 is an air-cooled, high-power pulsed current source designed to drive laser diodes, bars, and arrays. The output current can be set from 5 A to 200 A. The load voltage for the PCM-7700-48 is 0 V to 25 V and is achieved with an internal 48 V power supply. The pulse width is adjustable from 500 µs to 50 ms with a pulse repetition rate from single shot to 1 kHz.

The PCM-7700 output current may be set with the potentiometer on an included evaluation board or an analog voltage. The pulse width is controlled via the trigger input.

The instrument supports analog and digital control modes. In digital mode, a DC voltage sets the output current and the trigger input sets the pulse width. In analog mode, the output current follows an analog signal.

For automated applications, complete control of the instrument is provided through a DB-15 male connector.

  • Output Current up to 200 A
  • Output Voltage up to 25 V
  • 500 µs to 50 ms Variable Pulse Width
  • Output Power up to 1,250 W
  • Digital and analog control modes
  • DB-15 remote interface for automated operation

The PCM-7700 is designed to drive laser diodes, bars and arrays with forward voltages up to 30 V (35 V or the PCM-7700-EX model).

Weight 40.5 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 16 × 16 in
Compliance Voltage (V)


Maximum Pulsed Current (A)


Minimum Current (A)


Risetime (Tr - ns)


Falltime (Tf - ns)


Maximum Frequency (kHz)


Minimum Pulse Width (PWm - ns)


Pulse Engine (Trigger)


Computer Control


Form Factor



Forced Air


Operating Manual

Product Notifications

(1) PCM-7700-48

PCM-7700-48 Accessory Kit
(2) Output Cable Twisted Pair (6100-0119)
(1) Evaluation Board (5045-0118-Eval)
(1) Output Load Board (5045-0118-Output)
(1) Power Cord
(1) Operating Manual