The academic community advances our understanding of science, medicine, the environment and the technologies that improve our standard of living worldwide.

Research is happening every day in national laboratories, colleges & universities and non-government organizations (NGOs).

Directed Energy is proud to offer laser diode drivers and technical services to the institutions that educate and inspire the next generation of engineers, chemists and physicists.

University & Academic Research Applications

  • Time of Flight
  • Q-Switches
  • Beam Steering
  • Pockels Cells
  • Acoustic Transducers
  • Microchannel Plates
  • Photomultiplier Tubes & Image Intensifiers

Products that Work for You

The variety of laser diode drivers we offer to schools and universities provide the broad range of operating parameters that make them ideal to research and showcase your discoveries.

Our product line offers laser diode driver configurations to fit every situation.

  • Open-Frame Modules (PCB or PCB on heat-sink)
  • Enclosed Modules
  • Fully Integrated Bench-top and Rack-mount Systems

Support & Expertise So You Can Stay Focused

Application and customer support from experts in laser diode driver technology and best practices.

Use our drivers and expertise so you can focus on your goals:

  • Writing and Publishing
  • Teaching
  • Research
  • Science and Experimentation

Knowledgebase & Resources

Economical modules allow hands on experiments for group and team projects in your educational lab.

There are application and support resources for every learning style!

Educational Discounts

Directed Energy offers valuable discounts to educational institutions such as universities, colleges and high schools.

Education Community Customers - High Voltage Pulsers

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