Where to buy?

Where to Buy Directed Energy Products

DEI pulse generators and laser diode drivers are sold factory-direct in North America and worldwide through our network of representatives and distributors.

We welcome your phone calls and emails. Please feel free to contact us and we'll put you in touch with your local representative.

U.S. & North America

Contact Us directly!

Worldwide with Digi-Key

Many of our module products are available through our worldwide distribution agreement with Digi-Key. This arrangement provides convenient online shopping and worldwide shipping for customers. Buying through distribution still comes with our personal application support!

For detailed information about local Digi-Key resources... click here!

Visit our Product Page on Digikey here: https://deico.info/digikey

-or- search for "Directed Energy" in the Digi-Key search field.

Find your local sales office, distributor or representative below.

For customers who need our instrument products, accessories or other products not available through Digi-Key or who prefer working with a representative who operates in their own region and language, we also have representation as listed below.

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Country Name Email Phone Website
United States
If you do not see your own country listed below please contact us directly for information.
Directed Energy (Factory Direct) [email protected] +1-970-493-1901 Contact Us
Belgium Acal BFi [email protected] +32 (0) 2720 5983 http://www.acalbfi.com/uk/services/contact-us
Canada Directed Energy (Factory Direct) [email protected] +1-970-493-1901 Contact Us
China Gangli Electronics Co., Ltd [email protected] +86-519-88117388 http://www.czgangli.com
Denmark Acal BFi Nordic AB [email protected] +45 (0) 7026 2225 http://www.acalbfi.com/uk/services/contact-us
Finland Acal BFi Nordic AB [email protected] +358 (0) 207 969 770 http://www.acalbfi.com/uk/services/contact-us
France Armexel [email protected] +33 1 42 04 20 97 http://www.armexel.com/
Germany MJC Elektrotechnik GmbH [email protected] +49 (0) 63 51/1 27 67-0 http://www.mjc-elektrotechnik.de/
Hong Kong Allied Group Limited [email protected] +85 2-2519-2288 http://www.alliedgroup.com.hk
Italy - Milan Acal BFi Italy S.r.l [email protected] +39 (02) 53583.1 http://www.acalbfi.com/uk/services/contact-us
Italy - Rome Acal BFi Italy S.r.l [email protected] +39 (06) 86894259 http://www.acalbfi.com/uk/services/contact-us
Japan - Preferred Partner General Bussan [email protected] +81 (03)3383-1711 http://www.general-bussan.co.jp
Netherlands Acal BFi Netherlands BV [email protected] +31 (0) 4 0250 7400 http://www.acalbfi.com/uk/services/contact-us
Norway Acal BFi Nordic AB [email protected] +47 3216 2060 http://www.acalbfi.com/uk/services/contact-us
South Korea YC International [email protected] +82 2 538 2707 / 8 http://www.ycinternational.co.kr
Sweden Acal BFi Nordic AB [email protected] +46 (0) 8 5465 6500 http://www.acalbfi.com/uk/services/contact-us
United Kingdom Alrad Instruments [email protected] +44 (01635) 30345 http://www.alrad.co.uk/