CW and Quasi-CW Laser Diode Drivers

CW & Quasi-CW Laser Diode Drivers


DEI offers a variety of laser diode drivers designed for high power and precision applications for Quasi-CW (QCW) and Continuous Wave (CW) operation.

High compliance voltages allow for both single diode and diode array use as well as non-laser applications requiring a current source.

These instruments are perfect for research & development, materials processing, characterization, and testing of laser diodes. We offer instruments, standard modules and OEM modules tailored through our Lab to Launch program.

Typical Applications
  • Marking and Engraving
  • Scientific Research
  • Micromachining
  • Medical & Cosmetic Laser

Our Laser Diode Drivers are sorted by Compliance Voltage by default but you can sort any column by clicking the column header or search by part number or parameter in the search field on the right.

Please note: The specifications listed below represent the highest performance point. Consult the datasheet and/or operating manual to see full safe operating area (SOA) information.

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ImageNameDescriptionCompliance Voltage (V)Max CW Current (A)Max Pulsed Current (A)Max Frequency (kHz)Min Pulse Width (ns)Computer ControlForm FactorDatasheetOperating Manualhf:att:pa_compliance-voltagehf:att:pa_maximum-currenthf:att:pa_maximum-frequency-khzhf:att:pa_minimum-pulse-width-pwmhf:att:pa_computer-controlhf:att:pa_form-factor

10 A CW/QCW Laser Diode Driver Module

1010N/AModule 10namodule

0.5 A to 5 A OEM Laser Diode Driver Module

480.7550.02025,000N/AModule 4850-02025000-2namodule

60 A Pulsed/CW/QCW Laser Diode Driver Module

206060500100N/AModule 2060500100namodule

125 A Pulsed/CW/QCW OEM Laser Diode Driver Module

20125125500100N/AModule 20125500100namodule

5.8 A CW / 21.5 A Pulsed Laser Diode Driver

The PCX-7420 offers the capability of providing both QCW (pulsed), and CW (DC) outputs. It can serve as a CW driver at currents from 0.050 A to 5.8 A, and as a pulsed/QCW driver at currents from 3 A to 21.5 A. Furthermore, the output may be biased to any CW current from 3 A to 5.8 A, then pulsed above this bias current at up to 15.7 A maximum. A new feature allows the bias current to be pulsed and triggered independent of the main current trigger.

245.821.51,000100Ethernet, RS232, USBBenchtop 2421-51000-2100ethernet rs232 usbbenchtop

3 A, 15 V Pulsed Laser Diode Driver

15332,000100Ethernet, RS232, USBBenchtop 1532000-2100ethernet rs232 usbbenchtop