High Power Load & Laser Diode Emulator

The HPL-2400-0.125 is a water cooled, low impedance, very low inductance high-power load, capable of dissipating up to 2400 W designed for testing and characterization of power supplies and laser diode drivers.

Fault detection is available via a six pin connector with normally open and normally closed feedback. The use of this fault feedback is recommended but not required.

Using the load is simple utilizing either the D-subminiature connector or ring terminals. The D-subminiature connector allows the load to be used in pulsed applications with less than 100 nanosecond rise and fall times. Ring terminals can be used for DC applications.

The HPL-2400 is available in seven standard load values including 0.125, 0.250, 0.500, 1, 2, 5 and 10 ohms. Custom values to 125K ohms can be configured at the factory in order to directly match specific load characteristics (i.e., a laser diode).

  • 2400 W Resistive Load
  • Very Low Inductance allows fast rise and fall times in pulsed applications
  • Fault Detection
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Simple Stripline or Ring Terminal Connections
  • Compact Fully Enclosed Design
  • Power Supply Testing and Characterization
  • Laser Diode Driver Testing and Characterization
Voltage Range

0 – 275

Pulsed Current Range

0 – 600

Form Factor




 HPL-2400 ModelLoad Value (Impedance)
 HPL-2400-0125 0.0125 Ohm
 HPL-2400-0.250 0.0250 Ohm
 HPL-2400-0.500 0.0500 ohm
 HPL-2400-1.00 1.00 Ohm
 HPL-2400-2.00 2.00 Ohm
 HPL-2400-5.00 5.00 Ohm
 HPL-2400-10.00 10.00 Ohm
Custom ResistancesCustom resistances from 0.125 Ohm to 250K Ohm available upon request.

(1) HPL-2400-XX (Customer Specified Model)

HPL-2400 Accessory Kit
PVA-9565 Temperature Sensor Cable (1)
Data Sheet (1)