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PCX-7420-B Precision Pulsed Current Source

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The PCX-7420-B offers the capability of providing both QCW (pulsed), and CW (DC) outputs. It can serve as a CW driver at currents from 0.050 A to 5.8 A, and as a pulsed/QCW driver at currents from 50 mA to 21.5 A.

10 A CW/QCW Laser Diode Driver Module10 A CW/QCW OEM Laser Diode Driver Module

PCO-6511 10A CW/QCW OEM Laser Diode Driver

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The PCO-6511 is a compact and economical OEM-style CW laser diode driver designed to drive diode lasers, bars and arrays with output current variable from 0.5A to 10A, and a compliance voltage up to 10V.