From the 1990’s all the way through 2018, Directed Energy laser diode drivers took advantage of the high performance of the DE-Series MOSFETs and Drivers. In 2019 Littelfuse made the decision to discontinue this product line. As there is no direct substitute for these devices we are in the process of developing replacement products using alternative technology solutions.

During the development process we will keep stock on the affected products as much as possible. To achieve this we have purchased all the remaining devices we could find in distribution in order to support our existing customers and new customers wishing to use a small, high speed laser diode driver. The following modules were affected by this discontinuation.

  • PCO-7110 Series
  • PCO-7111 Series
  • PCO-7810 Series
  • PCO-7120 Series
  • PCO-7121 Series

For new OEM development we recommend customers first look at the following products which are not affected by the discontinuation of the DE-Series MOSFETs & Drivers.

  • PCO-7114
  • PCO-7115
  • PCO-7125

We’re glad to answer any questions you may have regarding these products and look forward to working with you!


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