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Introducing the PVX-4000-2KV Bipolar 2000V Pulse Generator for Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer and Accelerator Applications

Introducing the PVX-4000-2KV Bipolar 2000V Pulse Generator for Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer and Accelerator Applications

PVX-4000-2kvFort Collins, CO, June 29, 2017 --- IXYS Corporation (NASDAQ:IXYS), a leader in power semiconductors, mixed-signal and digital ICs for power conversion and motion control applications, announced today the introduction of the PVX-4000-2kV Bipolar 2000V Pulse Generator by its IXYS Colorado division.

The PVX-4000-2kV is an air-cooled, high voltage pulse generator optimized for high impedance, capacitive loads. It is well-suited for driving extraction grids and deflection plates for electrostatic modulation of particle beams in time-of-flight mass spectrometers and accelerators and other scientific applications requiring precision high voltage pulses. Its robust and versatile design also makes it well suited for pulsing or gating power tube grids, Pockels cells and Q Switches, acoustic transducers, microchannel plates, photomultiplier tubes and image intensifiers.

The output voltage can be set from 0 Volts to Bipolar 2000 Volts with pulse rise and fall times of 50 nanoseconds. It provides pulse widths from 500 ns to DC, with duty cycles from 2% to 100% and repetition rates from single-shot to 30,000 Hz. With a built-in trigger source and internal positive and negative high-voltage DC power supplies, the PVX-4000-2kV can be used as a standalone test system.

Manual instrument control is done through a front panel interface. For automated applications, complete control of the instrument is provided through RS-232 and USB computer interfaces. Up to five system configurations may be stored in internal non-volatile memory, providing instant recall of frequently-used configurations.

Conveniently-located front panel BNC connectors allow the PVX-4000-2kV to be externally triggered. It also has a Sync output, synchronized to the leading edge of the output voltage pulse, for interconnection to other equipment. The output pulse waveform can easily be monitored through the Voltage Monitor BNC connection using an oscilloscope.

“The PVX-4000-2kV builds upon the successful design of our field-qualified PVX-4100 series pulse generators by incorporating an integrated microprocessor controller and DC power supplies to offer an easy to use, standalone system,” said Stephen Krausse, General Manager of IXYS Colorado. “Furthermore, it leverages the advanced device technology of our parent company, IXYS Corporation, to achieve new levels of cost effectiveness and reliability.”

The PVX-4000-2kV is available directly from IXYS Colorado (also known as Directed Energy, Inc. or DEI) Tel. (970) 493-1901, Fax (970) 232-3025, Email, or through your local authorized IXYS/IXYSRF sales representative.

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