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Introducing the PCO-7125 Pulsed Laser Diode Driver Module with Continuously Adjustable Pulse Width

Need a fast, pulsed laser diode driver module for your high power diode? The PCO-7125 is designed to drive high power diodes with narrow pulse widths at up to 865 kilohertz.

  • Imaging
  • LiDAR
  • Mapping
  • Security
  • ...the list of applications for pulsed lasers continues to grow and niches within those applications are developing all the time.

The PCO-7125 provides the high speed, high current performance of our PCO product line and adds continuously adjustable pulse width providing you added flexibility in both OEM and research applications. Using this module you'll be able to operate at frequencies from single shot to 865 kilohertz. There's plenty of drive current available from 500 milliamps up to 5 amps supporting a side variety of high speed, high power laser diodes. The PCO-7125 is designed to drive single junction diodes requiring compliance voltages up to five volts. A fast rise-time of less than 17 nanoseconds allows narrow pulse widths less of 34 nanoseconds, continuously adjustable up to 1 microsecond. Four dedicated mounting holes provide an easy way to mount the PCO-7125 in your end product, experiment or system. With a continuously variable, narrow minimum pulse width along with high current capability the PCO-7125 offers product designers and researchers an off the shelf solution for a wide variety of applications.

Directed Energy is your Pulsed Power Partner from Lab to Launch.

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