Measuring Current on the PCO-7114 Series

Many inquiries have been made about measuring the output current on the PCO-7114 pulsed laser diode driver modules. In the following article the proper current measurement technique will be explained. In this demonstration the PCO-7114-50-4 will be used and will be tested into a shorted load. The current monitor cable is a PCA-9140 and can […]

Introducing the PCO-7114-22-2 Laser Diode Driver Module

Webinar – Introducing the PCO-7114-22-2 High Speed Laser Diode Driver Module Join us! Date: July 17th, 2018 Time: 9:00 AM Mountain Time Agenda Introduction Product Overview What’s in the Box? Accessories Technical Overview Setting Up Solutions to Possible Problems Pricing & Availability Lab to Launch Q&A

Introducing the PCO-7114 50A 4ns OEM Laser Diode Driver Module for LIDAR, ADAS, Range Finder and Pulsed Laser Applications

Fort Collins, CO, June 8, 2017 — IXYS Corporation (NASDAQ:IXYS), a leader in power semiconductors, mixed-signal and digital ICs for power conversion and motion control applications, announced today the introduction of the PCO-7114-50-4 high-power pulsed laser diode driver by its IXYS Colorado division. The PCO-7114-50-4 is a compact and economical pulsed-current OEM laser diode driver module that provides […]