Measuring Current on the PCO-7114 Series

Many inquiries have been made about measuring the output current on the PCO-7114 pulsed laser diode driver modules. In the following article the proper current measurement technique will be explained. In this demonstration the PCO-7114-50-4 will be used and will be tested into a shorted load. The current monitor cable is a PCA-9140 and can […]

Accurately Measuring Pulse Current on the PCO-6131 and PCO-6141

To measure the output pulse current to the load from your PCO 6131 or the PCO-6141, you will need a Current Monitor assembly. The current monitor contains a current-to-voltage resistor (CVR), also known as a current sense resistor.  The use of this accessory board eliminates the uncertainty of the exact current and pulse shape that […]