Pulse Check Calibration Program

Pulse Check Calibration Program

Calibration for Laser Diode Drivers & Other DEI Instruments

The measures of success vary over markets, applications, projects and customer requirements. Directed Energy is proud to offer products that meet those needs around the world.

How do you demonstrate the validity of those measurements? This has been a question that has become as important as the measurements themselves. How can you be assured that a product meets it’s factory specifications year after year and provide validation to both your internal and external stakeholders?

Directed Energy is pleased to offer the Pulse Check Calibration Program!


No User Serviceable Parts Inside…

Calibration, adjustment and assessment of a high voltage or high current instrument is something that must be undertaken by trained personnel with the technical background and product knowledge required to do it safely and effectively.

The Pulse Check Calibration Program is about more than just calibration. Our products are designed for years of service and we want to ensure that you get the most out of them.  When you send a unit in to us we are going to do a full visual and technical overview of the unit.


What's in it for you?

Complete Visual Inspection and Cleaning

Over time dust can collect inside any piece of instrumentation. For low voltage products this may never present a problem. In systems with high voltage present, this buildup can result in internal shorts which can reduce instrument performance or cause damage to the unit.

  • We will thoroughly clean both the inside and outside of the unit to remove dust, debris and buildup around fans, connectors, knobs and buttons.

Thermal transients and vibration can loosen fasteners and connectors.

  • We will restore fasteners to factory torque and verify that wiring connections remain intact and fit correctly.

Full Factory Electrical Test

Once the unit is clean and the hardware inspected, we will perform the complete factory acceptance testing, followed by a full burn-in and final post burn-in checks.

In addition to the standard electrical testing we will look for:

  • Proper Fan Operation
  • Power Cable Fit
  • Input/Output Connector Integrity
  • Discrete Wiring Solder Connections

Factory Calibration

As electronic components age, some of their characteristics may drift. These changes can result in a slow deviation from the original operation of the instrument.

The calibration points vary by model and each factory calibration point will be measured and adjusted as necessary to bring your unit back into factory specifications.

Hardware & Software Upgrades

All software & firmware upgrades available will be completed so you have the latest versions to provide the best performance possible. Hardware changes that have been made to improve the specific model and module combination within your unit will also be made.

We recommend that you store or otherwise record any user settings or program options as the software upgrades may result in the clearing of these settings.

Extended/Renewed Warranty

When your instrument has completed the Pulse Check Calibration Program we will issue you a certificate of calibration, the instrument will have a calibration sticker attached and your unit will be under our full standard factory warranty for one year from the date of shipment back to you.

Factory Packaged for Return

The instrument will be returned to you in the original factory packaging (which we hope you’ll retain for future shipping). If you ship the unit to us in the original factory packaging you’ll receive a $50 discount on the program.


Product Eligibility

The following Directed Energy instruments are eligible for the Pulse Check Calibration Program. In general, eligible products will be instruments (bench-top/rack-mount) in active production. Discontinued products may be covered as well.

Products currently covered by the program are:

Laser Diode Drivers/Current Sources

  • PCM-7510
  • PCX-6425
  • PCX-7401
  • PCX-7420
  • PCX-7500

High Voltage Pulse Generators/Voltage Sources

  • PVX-4000
  • PVX-4110
  • PVX-4130
  • PVX-4140
  • PVX-4150


Program Cost

The Pulse Check Calibration Program is priced based on the complexity of the instrument please contact us for more information.


What if my unit isn't working?

No problem! If your instrument has run into a glitch or two and isn’t working any longer you can still elect to participate in the program. Of course, repair costs will be in addition to the standard Pulse Check Calibration Program costs but as a participant in the program you will receive the repairs at a reduced rate.

If a unit cannot be repaired you will only be responsible for our standard evaluation charge and the unit will be returned to you or, if you prefer, recycled by our team.


What if it isn't possible to bring my unit back into calibration?

In the case where your instrument is operational but fails calibration in a way that you feel is not cost effective to restore or that we cannot offer then the instrument will go through the full program and be returned to you with a description of the calibration failure for your records. We will extend/renew the warranty of the product with the exceptions noted on the calibration report.