High Voltage Pulsers

High Voltage Pulsers

DEI Scientific offers a variety of Pulse Generator Instruments designed for high voltage and precision applications such as Time of Flight, Q-Switches, Pockels Cells, acoustic transducers, microchannel plates, photomultiplier tubes and image intensifiers.

These instruments are perfect for research & development, characterization, and testing of dielectrics as well as many other high voltage pulsed applications.

We offer instruments, standard modules and OEM modules tailored through our Lab to Launch program.

Typical Applications
  • Time of Flight
  • Q-Switches
  • Beam Steering
  • Pockels Cells
  • Acoustic Transducers
  • Microchannel Plates
  • Photomultiplier Tubes & Image Intensifiers

Our High Voltage Pulsers are sorted by Voltage by default but you can sort any column by clicking the column header or search by part number or parameter in the search field on the right.

Please note: The specifications listed below represent the highest performance point. Consult the datasheet and/or operating manual to see full safe operating area (SOA) information.

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ImageNameVoltage (V)PolarityMax Frequency (KHz)Minimum Pulse Width (ns)Form Factor ComputerTriggerDatasheetOperating Manualhf:att:pa_maximum-voltagehf:att:pa_pulse-polarityhf:att:pa_maximum-frequency-khzhf:att:pa_form-factorhf:att:pa_computer-controlhf:att:pa_pulse-engine-trigger
PVX-41501,500Bipolar (+/-)24060Benchtop, Rackmount OptionalN/AExternal 1500-2bipolar240benchtop rackmount-optionalnaexternal
PVX-41403,500Bipolar (+/-)3060Benchtop, Rackmount OptionalN/AExternal 3500-2bipolar30benchtop rackmount-optionalnaexternal
PVX-41306,000Bipolar (+/-)10150Benchtop, Rackmount OptionalN/AExternal 6000-2bipolar10benchtop rackmount-optionalnaexternal
PVX-411010,000Bipolar (+/-)10200Benchtop, Rackmount OptionalN/AExternal 10000-3bipolar10benchtop rackmount-optionalnaexternal
PVX-250650Positive (+)501,000Benchtop, RackmountN/AExternal 50positive50benchtop rackmountnaexternal
PVX-4000-2kV-EX2,000Bipolar (+/-)600500Benchtop, RackmountRS232, USBExternal, Internal 2000-3bipolar600benchtop rackmountrs232 usbexternal internal
PVM-1001-N950Negative (-)5,00055ModuleN/AExternal 950negative5000-3modulenaexternal
PVM-4210950Bipolar (+/-)2050ModuleN/AExternal 950bipolar20modulenaexternal
PVM-1001-P950Positive (+)5,00055ModuleN/AExternal 950positive5000-3modulenaexternal
PVX-4000-2kV2,000Bipolar (+/-)100500Benchtop, RackmountRS232, USBExternal, Internal 2000-3bipolar100benchtop rackmountrs232 usbexternal internal