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Directed Energy News: Product Discontinuation Notification

Product Discontinuation Notice

Product(s) Affected:

Dear Valued Customer,

Directed Energy, Inc. is committed to providing innovative and reliable products, and supporting them as long as possible.

We have been notified by our suppliers that the high power MOSFET device which acts as the core power transistor for each of these products will no longer be available. Due to unique design characteristics that made it a great choice for these products, there are no ‘drop in’ replacements.

End of Product Availability: Effective immediately, Directed Energy can no longer guarantee the availability of the modules listed above. Last time buy orders are being accepted and will be filled on a first come first served basis.

Product Replacements

The PCO-7110 and 7111 are replaced by the PCO-7114 Series and are electrically very similar. Note that the form factor has been optimized to improve reliability. Our application engineering team is looking forward to working with you to iron out any performance differences to help you make this transition.

The PCO-7121, PCO-7810 and PVX-2506 are currently in review for redesign but no release date is available at the time of this notification.

OEM Customers

We realize that you may be relying on these modules or instruments for use in your OEM designs. We will be contacting known OEM customers to put together a roadmap that allows you to continue your operations with as little disruption as possible as you implement the PCO-7114 Series, or we work together to develop a suitable replacement for your application.

If we have not already been in touch with you regarding OEM assistance please contact me personally and we’ll get started right away!

For last time purchase requests related to the affected products please contact:

Yvonne Clark

[email protected]


For applications engineering support or technical questions regarding the replacement products available please contact:

Marty Jones

[email protected]


If you have question regarding this PDN or are an OEM customer that has not been contacted by our team please contact me directly:

Stephen Krausse

[email protected]



I apologize for any inconvenience and look forward to speaking with you.

On behalf of myself and my entire team we look forward to working with you to implement the best replacement solution for your application.


Best regards,

Stephen Krausse


Directed Energy, Inc.

For your convenience a PDF copy of this notification can be found below.